The Steppe Oak Woods of Nagykőrös are located on the Duna–Tisza Sand Ridge near the town of Nagykőrös.

The Steppe Oak Woods of Nagykőrös nature conservation area is located on the Duna–Tisza Sand Ridge close to the town of Nagykőrös. It is set approximately 90 km from Budapest, 15-15 km from Cegléd and Kecskemét.

The closest to the centre of Nagykőrös lies the Pálfája wood, which earns its name from an enormous, still existing oak called Pálfája. With its trails, benches, and the Arena, a special wooden building at its entrance – which once gave floor for dance parties - , the Pálfája wood is the favourite place of town for excursions.

The forest extends from here towards North-West, approximately in a 3-4 km distance from the town the former “Pest road”, - the road running towards Hantháza - cuts it into two parts. The smaller patch of forest to the North of the road is called “Nagy forest”, and the larger part located in the South is called “Csókás forest”. One part of the Natura 2000 conservation area belongs to the town, the other to the village of Csemő.

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